What is LiveScan?

LiveScan is digital fingerprinting and transmission of the impression directly to the SBI and FBI for processing.

Where can I go to get my fingerprints taken by LiveScan?

Contact your local law enforcement agencies to ensure that they can perform the LiveScan process and choose an agency accordingly.

Why can’t I do LiveScan if I live in a state other than North Carolina?

At this time our State Bureau of Investigations is unable to receive electronic prints from a state other than North Carolina.

I was recently fingerprinted by another agency. Do I still need to be fingerprinted for the NC Dental Board?

Yes, the fingerprints submitted to other agencies cannot be used by the NC Dental Board to obtain criminal history records from the State and Federal Bureau of Investigations.

How will I know if my prints were received?

You will be notified if we have not received your results within 2 weeks of processing your application.

I didn’t pass the Licensing exam. Do I need to do the LiveScan process again to re-take my Boards?

Your criminal background check is valid for one year from the date your results are received at the NC Dental Board.

Do I send a fingerprint card to the NC Dental Board?

When your prints are sent electronically to the SBI, the law enforcement agency may also give you a copy of the fingerprint card. Do not send the card to the NC Dental Board, but retain for your own file.

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